How to Transform an Old Office into a Super Office

Does your current office space seem bland, boring, or disorganized? The look and feel of your office isn’t just about appealing to an important client who also happens to appreciate interior design. Your office design affects productivity and morale in big ways. The right setup encourages alertness, collaboration, and innovation in the workplace. Before you begin a renovation project, here are tips to keep your super office overhaul focused.

Your Transformation Goal

Make sure any changes that you make to your office space contribute to the overarching goal you have in mind. For example, do you need your office space to be more open? Are you trying to foster more creativity and innovation? Is your primary concern to improve employee comfort and productivity? Any changes to technology or decorating should be a part of this focus.

Desk and Cubicle Arrangement

The way you arrange desks and cubicles can have a huge impact on employee performance, office atmosphere, and space utilization. You may want to work with an engineer or architect to determine how to get the most out of your office space without crowding your employees. For example, smaller cubicles in long parallel rows with low walls create more openness while not taking up space in a maze-like way. It also encourages employees to talk face to face.

The Technology

Look at where your technology can improve, especially when it comes to employee collaboration and communication with clients. Your Internet and server should allow employees to quickly and easily exchange information with a reliable connection. Consider installing software that allows employees to schedule meetings in conference rooms and invite collaborators simultaneously.

Make sure your conference rooms are equipped with appropriate tools for brainstorming and communication. You may need white boards, laptop or iPad connections to project one monitor onto a large screen, and videoconferencing capabilities with clients. Make Wi-Fi available in the conference rooms and throughout the entire office.
Finally, don’t forget about the décor. Business owners may be hesitant to spend money on aesthetics, but décor can affect productivity just as much as technology. Consider your overall focus again. Was it openness, innovation, or comfort? Stick to a color scheme that is easy on the eyes and that represents your business model. For a high-tech look, try to keep furniture like desks and chairs in one solid color, like black, silver, or white. For paint and upholstered furniture, don’t get into too many colors or patterns. A monochromatic color scheme is best for simplicity. Use pictures and plants to accent boring areas while keeping a sense of open space and symmetry throughout.

The Super Office

Other signs of a modern, high-tech, super office are employee comforts like a common break room, an in-house gym, and a full kitchen. These features may not seem like obvious productivity enhancers, but they do affect mood, collaboration, and employee performance.

With budget in mind, choose changes that will improve your office the most and then start transforming it into a super office!

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