Workplace Trends for 2020

It’s no secret that technology and office trends have revolutionized almost every workplace in the last several years. In addition, technology and creative organizations are quickly changing what defines the modern workplace.

Experts have predicted the demise of cubicles and cable-ridden desks for a long time, as minimalist tech gadgets and greenery are gradually taking over conventional workspaces. As a result, workplace culture is far different in 2020 than it was even five years ago — and today’s offices will likely be quite different from offices of the future.

Silver Star Properties sees a lot of office trends because we lease more than eight million square feet of space throughout Texas. Here are some of the trends we are following for 2020.

Trend #1: Collaboration and Co-Working
The number of shared spaces is growing at a rapid rate.

Silver Star Properties unveiled its new shared amenities workspace at its premier office buildings in Dallas in October 2019, and the interest in the unique mix of private and co-working space has been astonishing.

The shared workspace features conference rooms of various sizes equipped with video, open and collaborative work areas and a fully-stocked coffee bar with tea and snacks.

Shared spaces have stood the test of time. They are also easily accessible because of mobile apps, like Croissant, which help finding the nearest co-working space just a click away.

By the end of 2020, Silver Star Properties will have added four new shared amenity spaces at buildings in Houston and Dallas. We plan to transform a full floor into Shared Amenity Suites available for lease with annual terms at three additional properties.

Trend #2: Technology
Technology is quickly changing nearly every industry, workplace, and job. This means that interior designers and architects must find new ways to incorporate technology — particularly wireless communication technologies — into workspaces both new and old.

In addition, by integrating the latest technology in the workplace, employers and employees both save space, while embracing a simpler, leaner, and more functional design. Virtual communication and meeting platforms will help keep team members in an organization connected regardless of their location. Employers will strive to seek new and innovative ways to make the most of technology.

Trend #3: Workplace Wellness
Studies have shown that healthy employees are happier and more productive, and top companies provide a variety of wellness options to their workers.

Many employees reported experiencing job dissatisfaction, burnout, stress, and various mental health issues in the last decade.

According to a recent Levell study, 60 percent of employees experience work performance declines due to chronic stress, burnout and anxiety in the workplace. And a Kronos research study indicates that 95 percent of HR leaders believe that stress can sabotage workforce retention.

It is not surprising that more workplaces and office buildings now incorporate amenities like pools, fitness centers, saunas, and spas into their facilities.

We also predict that perks, like free gym memberships, on-site kitchens equipped with coffee, and organic food will be seen in more offices in 2020, with Silver Star Properties leading the way, by installing coffee and smoothie bars in our premier buildings by the end of 2020.

Trend #4: Environmental Consciousness
Many companies often ignored issues, including their carbon footprint. However, all businesses can make a positive impact by taking specific actions to be more environmentally responsible.

“At our buildings, we are taking the initiative to go green,” said Dan Jones, managing director of construction. “We have made several energy-efficient improvements to our buildings, including LED lighting, new chillers, domestic water pump systems, building automation systems, Fiberglass cooling towers, and smart water valves. These upgrades are saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, which allows us to keep costs low for our tenants while reducing our carbon footprint.”

Simpler initiatives like encouraging recycling, using green products, limiting commutes and lobbying for eco-friendly legislation can make a considerable difference.

Trend #5: Flexibility
In the past, workplaces were extremely rigid. Employees became accustomed to their routines, and bosses required strict adherence to the 8-to-5 workday. However, the newest generation of workers values flexibility in their work scheduling. And there are benefits for employers, too.

Giving employees the opportunity to work at their convenience and from flexible workspaces, increases work productivity. With 54% of employees stating that remote working allows them to get more work done, we expect this trend to continue to grow in 2020.

While accountability in the workplace is a critical aspect to management, unconventional and novel methods can often achieve productivity as well.

Trend #6: Textures and Colors
Silver Star Properties is always renovating and building-out space for new tenants, and for existing tenants as they expand their footprint with our company. We work directly with our tenants to ensure their satisfaction with their space, and textures and colors are a big part of that assistance.

We expect more offices to embrace a neutral palette in 2020. The trend is toward earthy textures and tones. Employers will opt for eco-friendly and practical materials that create comfortable and modern areas. Wood, stones, faux leather, and metal will be the most sought-after textures.

Final Thoughts
These workplace trends will dominate in 2020. You should stay on top of these trends to ensure your company is heading in the right direction.

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