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Trends in Office Buildings in 2015: Tenant and Investor Insights

In the world of commercial property management, there's a million dollar question: What do tenants want? Apparently, the answer varies, depending upon who you ask. A few things, however, were unanimous. Investors WANT to Mess with Texas According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015 report, when investors responded regarding the five hottest markets of 2015, ...

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Looking for Retail Space to Suit Your Needs

When you're looking for retail space for your new or relocating business, it's not always an easy choice. There are number of factors you have to consider when making your selection, from size and location to the availability of parking. The best way to find exactly what you need is to contact a commercial real estate management company that can offer you a variety of ch ...

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2015 Business Trends Take Advantage of New Technology

Office designs are moving closer to looking like libraries with café tables, couches, stand-up work desks and changes in lighting.  Since technology lets you work from anywhere, offices function more as a place to collaborate, connect and maintain focus.  In fact, office space appears to be shifting towards providing a space where employees can concentrate as well team ...

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Management Company: Partnership, Reliability and Trust

When you think of “management company” what springs to mind first? Fees? Costs? How about peace of mind? At Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc., we are in business to make business better for you. How? Hartman’s mission, vision and core values are who we are. We do business adhering to these principles. What a difference you'll see that makes when you trust yo ...

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Starting Businesses: Addressing the Challenge of Finding Office Space

If you’re a business entrepreneur, then you know that finding office space can be hard. However, the magnitude of the challenge is considerably higher if your company is still at an early stage. Typically, property owners consider tenants that are willing to occupy their commercial space for at least 5 years. This is because it allows them to receive guaranteed cash fl ...

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Design an Office Space Promoting Creativity and Productivity

Once you have completed the process of locating the perfect office space, it is time to consider how you will design this space. You and your employees will be spending a lot of time in this space, so you want it to be conducive to your needs. For many businesses, creativity is a priority. Productivity is a key in every business. There are several things you can do to prom ...

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Green Technology – 4 of the Latest Advances in Office Buildings

Sustainable, environmentally friendly options have become exceedingly important in the world. Green technology has provided improvements in various industries, from transportation to architecture. The latest advances in commercial office buildings offer many eco-friendly advantages: 1. Recycled/Sustainable Insulation. Fiberglass is hardly an environmentally fri ...

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3 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer When Finding Office Space

Business professionals who are actively looking for office space typically fall into two categories: a newly established company that's ready to expand into an office space that can support business growth, or an established company that now needs a better solution for their office space needs. Whether you identify with one situation or the other, you should always appro ...

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