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Hartman Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at Hartman

Hartman Income REIT is an award-winning commercial real estate company that puts people first. From our white glove service to our unwavering dedication to our core values, we have a legacy of service in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, with continuous plans for growth to meet the needs of more people.

With us, each client’s unique needs come first, which is why we put in more time, energy and training than your typical commercial real estate management company. We do this with the greater good in mind. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the forefront of our efforts and we are on a journey to achieve ambitious goals in stewarding resources, caring for clients, and developing technology for the good of all.

This starts with doing our best, earning trust and developing loyalty everyday, and proving in our deeds just how much we care about people, community, the environment, and social change. Giving back is a big part of who we are, and these are just some of the organizations we support:

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Hartman Cares for People

At Hartman Income REIT, we care for people, from our employees to clients to tenants. Everyone matters, and we have numerous initiatives every year aimed at positively impacting our people.


Benevolence Fund

The purpose of our Benevolence Fund is to extend aid to Hartman team members who are experiencing seasons of need or financial crisis. The fund is also used to support charitable organizations that align with Hartman Core Values.

Our Benevolence Fund was established by Al and Lisa Hartman with a seed grant of $10,000. Employees may voluntarily contribute weekly or one-time donations through payroll deductions. It is also annually funded by board commitment contributions of $100,000.

Any employee can apply for money from the Benevolent Fund, and are not required to have contributed to be a recipient of this aid. Benevolence Funds have been used for varied purposes, such as extended sickness when the employee has run out of PTO, hospital or medical related bills, emergency house or transportation needs, or assistance in the event of a death in the immediate family.

In addition the Benevolence Fund, Hartman helps its employees in many ways:

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  • The Hartman Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students is a program made available to all dependents of full-time Hartman employees who are pursuing a college degree in Texas. In 2020, it was extended to dependents in specialty K-12 programs as well, and represents both the way in which we care for employees and invest in their future.
  • The Hartman CARE Committee was launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in response to the needs of people both within and outside of our company. This committee helps Hartman employees by centralizing information and providing resources for essential goods and services, including food services, education resources, medical assistance, COVID-19 testing, financial aid, and spiritual support.
  • The award-winning “Clean Air Initiative is transforming building health and safety by providing clean air solutions for commercial buildings. Research-backed technology was implemented proactively in Hartman properties, providing a line of defense against airborne viruses like COVID-19 and affirming Hartman’s deep care for the wellbeing of building tenants, and occupying Hartman employees.
  • The Hartman Management Team is proud to maintain an excellent net promoter score from clients, with 2021 being another consecutive year of scoring higher than the prior year and also being among the highest bracket of this important client and tenant satisfaction metric.
  • Hartman Income REIT Management was voted one of the “Best Places to Work in Houston by Zippia.com, positive proof that employees find the right opportunities and a culture to thrive in our organization.

Hartman Cares for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Hartman has always been a diverse team that prioritizes equity and inclusion. We are firm on our christian based principles to promote best practices in the workplace, and create a culture where every voice is heard.


Here are some illustrations of the ways we support great people from every walk of life:

  • Al Hartman Patriot AwardCEO Al Hartman was recognized with The Patriot Award after his support of a Hartman employee and active member of the National Guard. The company’s willingness to provide this employee with schedule flexibility, time off, and permission for service-related leaves of absences is what led to this recognition.
  • Hartman’s small business flexible office space business unit, BIZSUITES, was launched in an effort to include and care for small businesses and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. This service provides a single-office model design that is both flexible and affordable. BIZSUITES is available in Hartman properties throughout Houston, Dallas Fort-Worth, and San Antonio.
  • In the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, the leadership team at Hartman actively engaged in the local community, and in March of 2021 they supported a petition with the group Texans for Fair Energy Billing, which aims to correct egregious energy charges following the storm.
  • A research team from Hartman Income REIT drafted a white paper on the Diversity of the Texas Economy, in which they covered in-depth the opportunities and cultural makeup of the Lone Star State.
  • Hartman leaders and employees regularly lend their voice to encourage businesses to move to Texas.

Hartman Cares for the Environment

Environmentalism and sustainability are part of any good CSR practice, and the team at Hartman makes an attempt for ongoing improvements in this area. The Clean Air Initiative is one such measure, as is the reuse and repurposing of construction materials relating to the build out of spaces in our buildings. Hartman also has several buildings utilizing the rooftops for solar energy farms.

As landlords with numerous properties, we believe part of environmental awareness and care is stewarding our indoor spaces as well. A key example is our thoughtful use of outdoor and indoor space for tenants, such as the use of atriums to bring in more light and openness.

Hartman REIT CSR: Partner With Us

Hartman is a company that stakeholders can trust. Whether as an investor, tenant, employee, or partner, working with Hartman Income REIT means you are well-cared for, and on the receiving end of initiatives that improve people’s lives and our local communities.

There are many ways to support or connect with Hartman REIT:


For job information, visit our careers page. For more details on any of the above, reach out today.