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Texans lead Return to the Office, but It’s Complicated

Metropolitan areas in Texas lead the nation with the return to office trend. According to security company Kastle, which has been publishing a weekly “Back to Work Barometer,” office buildings in Austin, Dallas, and Houston are more than 33-37% occupied, compared to around 12% for buildings in cities like New York and San Francisco. The national average stands at about ...

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How COVID-19 Affects Working Conditions

Over the last few months, the working conditions worldwide have changed in ways that we could never have imagined. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, it was estimated that nearly 50% of the workforce could work from home vs. work from office successfully, yet less than 4% did so regularly. Times have changed, however, and we are now seeing a substantial j ...

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COVID-19 Reopening: Texas Economy To Be Fastest to Recover

We are sharing some good news with you in regards to our economy opening back up again. In a call with governors yesterday, President Trump proposed a phased reopening of the U.S. and is leaving it up to governors to decide how and when to let businesses reopen. We are sharing some highlights from that call with you as well as some highlights from Governor Abbott's pres ...

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