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Safely Return to the Office with Bi-Polar Ionization

Given the current reality, many companies are being forced to make tremendously difficult decisions about the future of their organizations. These decisions include determining things like whether long-term investments should be made in work from home infrastructure, if it’s worth onboarding new employees remotely, whether the current office lease should be renewed, when ...

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The Best Office Locations in Dallas

Few Americans haven’t heard of the great city of Dallas. After all, it was put on the map back in 1978 when the prime-time soap opera of the same name first aired on television. For so many Americans, this city represents Americana at its finest, and when we think of the city’s name, we can’t help but hear that famous theme song in our heads. But Dallas is a great ...

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The Best Office Locations in Houston

Houston has long been regarded as a great city to work and a great city to live. With the infrastructure to support the growing needs of international interests and three airports, Houston has thrived with a strong employment base. With that strong employment base comes a severe need for great office locations to house employees and bolster productivity and commerce. Ha ...

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Keeping Texas Safe – Can-Am Wireless Tenant Spotlight

Companies like Can-Am Wireless, LLC, based in Irving, Texas, have put their heads together to develop technologies that can ensure that employees and patrons stay safe. Can-Am Wireless, in particular, has invented a temperature screening kiosk that can be positioned at the entrance of medical centers and other businesses to monitor body temperature. With the coronavirus ...

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How COVID-19 Affects Working Conditions

Over the last few months, the working conditions worldwide have changed in ways that we could never have imagined. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, it was estimated that nearly 50% of the workforce could work from home successfully, yet less than 4% did so regularly. Times have changed, however, and we are now seeing a substantial jump in the number of ...

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The Importance of a Mission and Vision

              Author and speaker Simon Sinek has popularized the ‘why’ question. This refers to an approach that starts from the end result it plans to achieve, and works backwards from there. That is why we need mission and vision in business. This is far more effective than moving forward without any goal ...

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