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Texans lead Return to the Office, but It’s Complicated

Metropolitan areas in Texas lead the nation with the return to office trend. According to security company Kastle, which has been publishing a weekly “Back to Work Barometer,” office buildings in Austin, Dallas, and Houston are more than 33-37% occupied, compared to around 12% for buildings in cities like New York and San Francisco. The national average stands at about ...

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Keeping Texas Safe – Can-Am Wireless Tenant Spotlight

Companies like Can-Am Wireless, LLC, based in Irving, Texas, have put their heads together to develop technologies that can ensure that employees and patrons stay safe. Can-Am Wireless, in particular, has invented a temperature screening kiosk that can be positioned at the entrance of medical centers and other businesses to monitor body temperature. With the coronavirus ...

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Steps to Keep You Safe As You Return To Work

Welcome Back Tenants! We truly appreciate our close partnerships and for you allowing us to be your first line of defense. The Hartman Team remains dedicated to doing everything possible to support you, your business and your employees as we get back to work. We recommend you start preparing your “return to workplace” plan. As communities prepare to lift “shelt ...

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