10 Great Reasons to Move to DFW

If you are looking for a new place to live, consider moving to Dallas Fort Worth. Here are ten reasons to move to DFW:

1. This city is the biggest metropolis in all of the South. It is actually the fourth biggest in America. This means that it has something for everyone to do ranging from nightlife to sports to dining. This city might be located in the South but it still has lots of space in which to thrive and lots of activities to do.

2. There are great sports. Literally. All of the major sports leagues ranging from the NFL to the NHL and everything in between call Dallas their home. So no matter what sport you call your favorite you can find it in Dallas.

3. The weather is great. Dallas Fort Worth has no threat of tropical storms because of its close proximity inland but it still provides residents and guests alike with the great tropical weather and sunshine that we all crave.

4. The biggest state fair is held here and for good reason: it is the best place for entertainment.

5. If you look on the television you will see Dallas as one of the most memorable cities in television and film. It has been visited by shows such as Walker Texas Ranger as well as Prison Break and True Blood. The cult classic Office Space was also features here as was the great Any Given Sunday. With so many films being featured here there has got to be a good reason.

6. Celebrities are also jam packed here. You can find champion sports teams as well as television celebrities all visiting the city regularly. They visit for entertainment and to entertain.

7. The economy is also worth moving as it is one of the top places that Fortune 500 companies go. This city is home to twenty of the top Fortune 500 companies and is also home to five Global Fortune 500 companies. In addition to this there are many admired companies especially in the Telecom corridor that offer jobs to all of the residents. The city is home to headquarters for such names as American Airlines as well as Sprint and Cisco Systems. It is also the location of the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation and JC Penny. As a result the economy is thriving and the city has received global recognition for its contributions to the world.

8. The city has Alpha City status because of its aforementioned influence. It is the only city to have received this status from the Globalization and World Cities Research Network in the south.

9. The city is also home to billionaires. Not millionaires but billionaires. It is ranked the sixth city in the world in terms of number of billionaire residents. Over half of the total billionaires living in the state of Texas reside in this city.

10. And finally the city has the best shopping. It has more shopping centers per capita than any city in the whole of America making it a fantastic place to stop and shop.

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