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Houston Industrial Space for Lease

Silver Star Properties REIT offers Houston industrial space for rent in premium locations suitable for commercial operation. Our exceptional service and values-driven community presence ensure your industrial property is unparalleled.

As the nation’s fourth-largest city, Houston is a prime area for industrial enterprises. Houston’s industrial climate continues to gain momentum through every season and inevitable market shifts. With population increase, major construction, e-commerce growth, and record-breaking port activity, Houston is a leader in stable industrial growth.


The expansion of the Houston Ship Channel is a major infrastructure project that will benefit a wide range of businesses by increasing efficiency and productivity at the Port of Houston, reducing congestion, and increasing the number of goods that can be moved through the port each year. The project is expected to create more jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region.

From startups to well-established companies, we’ll help you locate the perfect industrial spaces for your business to thrive.


“The Greater Houston MSA industrial market is in excellent shape. Southeast Texas ports continue to break records for incoming (and exporting) goods as distribution shifts more to the Gulf and Southeast U.S. ports from the highly constrained West Coast ports. We expect this trend to continue after the severe backlogs and potential upcoming labor issues on the West Coast.”

Patrick Duffy | President of Colliers in Houston

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Cost of Industrial Space for Rent: Houston, TX

Depending on location, square footage, and amenities included, the cost of renting an industrial space in Houston can vary. According to the National Industrial Report by Commercial Edge for 2022, the national average rental cost for industrial space in the United States is $7.00 per square foot for in-place leases. It is worth noting that tenants signing new leases are paying more than ever for space, with an average rate of $9.07 per square foot, which is $2.07 more than the average for all in-place leases. These numbers reflect the current market trend and are subject to change.


  • Affordable Class B Industrial SpacesClass B properties are known for providing top-quality functionality at an economical price. Your industrial location will need a well-maintained facility for storage and manufacturing.


  • Triple Net Lease (NNN) for Predictable Rental Costs — Many industrial space tenants favor a Triple Net Lease, as it ensures cost transparency and zero hidden fees. With a Triple Net Lease, you pay for a portion of property expenses, including taxes, maintenance, and insurance. In return, you get lower base rent, long-term stability, and the satisfaction of a high-value location.


Regardless of your price range or rental preferences, Silver Star Properties is dedicated to improving the quality of business for our industrial tenants in Houston.

Why Lease Industrial Space in Houston?

Starting an industrial business in Houston is a smart, strategic decision. As one of the largest cities in America and an economic leader within the Texas Triangle, Houston is a great place to live, work and experience a well-rounded lifestyle.

Houston is known to be a thriving area in the country due to its various popular establishments, positive infrastructure, community-oriented locale, and low tax rates. These factors contribute to the city’s reputation as a desirable place to live, work, and do business. Startups from around the U.S. frequently relocate to Houston because it’s business-friendly and has a relatively low cost of living. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies operate out of Houston, contributing to the increasing innovation throughout various industries.

The general and professional population in Houston is highly generous, personable, and welcoming. When you rent an industrial space in Houston, you can expect scalable benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Preferable Tax Rates and Incentives

Industrial businesses of all sizes benefit from the many tax incentives found in Houston. The state of Texas has no corporate income tax, which is a significant attraction for a startup or relocation strategy. Other incentives such as research tax credits, renewable energy benefits, and a pro-profit environment uphold Houston as an ideal industrial area.

Convenient Access to the Port of Houston

Utilize the international port of Houston for all of your industrial import and export demands. The Port of Houston is one of the most active ports in America, supporting local, state, and national growth year after year. With a Silver Star Properties industrial space, you’re in close proximity to the many opportunities the available Port of Houston has to offer.

Availability of Self-Storage Facilities

Ideal for any industrial enterprise, self-storage centers help your business when it needs to adapt, upsize, expand or collaborate with other companies during growth periods. When you rent with Silver Star Properties, your proximity to connect with other hard-working local businesses.

Top Industries Occupying Industrial Space in Houston

Houston represents a wide variety of industries that contribute to the economy at local, regional, and national levels. The top industries currently operating in Houston industrial spaces include:

  • Energy
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Digital Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Headquarters
  • Talent Acquisition
  • International Business


Houston’s main industry, energy and oil, comprises a wide sector of the industrial real estate in the region. Other dominant industries in Houston include healthcare, aerospace, and biotechnological research, which contribute to developments and economic growth throughout the country. Houston’s top growing industries include manufacturing, technology, transportation, and financial investment.

With an abundance of industrial and commercial companies operating out of Houston, it’s the perfect place for your company’s headquarters to call home.

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Lease Houston Industrial Space With Silver Star Properties

With Silver Star Properties REIT, you get more than an industrial rental space. We provide you with a foundational connection with our community-oriented professional management team. We care about every one of our customers and the success of their industrial business, which is why you can expect white glove service and reliable tenant support — every time.

Silver Star Properties REIT ranks as a World Class Firm with perfect ratings at 14 of our properties. As a firm, we outrank other Houston real estate and rental companies by 41 percentage points.

“The staff at Silver Star Properties is unbelievably friendly, very helpful and efficient with my needs!! The parking lot is also kept clean. I have no problem having my clients stop by the office for meetings. This is probably my best experience (including all 3 states we office out of) that I have had.”


– Drew Eancheff, Tenant

“The property managers are always prompt in responding to and addressing any of our questions or concerns. We can always count on them to take care of our necessities in regards to our office space.”


– Sarah S., Tenant

Get the best industrial rental space in Houston for your purpose-fueled business. When you lease with Silver Star Properties, you enjoy a seamless experience from prospecting to years-in operation. Come see your industrial rental space today: call 800-880-2212 or contact us online.