Learning & Development

We at Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. have studied the attributes of successful companies and have implemented many of the characteristics in our training and development. We utilize strategies that give our employees the best possible chances for success in any kind of environment.

A vital role to our company’s learning and development is our full-time in-house training staff whose sole focus is development of our people and our growth opportunities.


Learning and Development InitiativesNew Employee Company Training

This training focuses on instilling employees with skills and tools to be successful within our company. They are enrolled into a 3-day course with our corporate training specialist to receive the knowledge about our corporate history and vital information for success.

New Employee Orientation

Every new employee is given one or two weeks of orientation pertaining to their specific job requirements. This includes one-on-one training with their manager, peers, and other departments to strengthen their skills for their position.

Learning and Development InitiativesPersonal Development Program

Every employee works with our corporate training specialist and their manager to advance their training experience each quarter by creating a customized plan for training including conferences, webinars, reading, in-class courses, online modules, cross-training, and more.

Management and Leadership Program

Employees in management positions and employees that are on a career track for management are required to enroll in a 40-hour management training program to develop their management and leadership skills.

Learning and Development InitiativesDepartmental Training

Every department has been equipped with a learning library of training modules that have been taught and new trainings in their department meetings on bi-weekly to monthly basis that focuses on their job requirements and initiatives to better performance and earn awards.

Company-Wide Training

The company provides quarterly training for our employees from experts in fields that can better our employees such as customer service, sales, processing, training, leadership, and more.

Legal Training

Our in-house legal counsel offers training courses for our employees each quarter on tenant safety, lease requirements and enforcement, compliance and more.

Career Vision Mapping

Each year, every employee is given the opportunity to review their position, job performance and goals and map out their vision for the next year, next 3 years and next 5 years in their professional lives. This offers them the chance to open discussions about training and development opportunities with management on their growth within the company.