Food Solutions for a Healthy Office

Finding Food Solutions the Right Way

When you are stocking an office kitchen it is important to keep the shelves and the fridge full of healthy food solutions that won’t break the bank but will also keep employees motivated. Almost every office has a break room or kitchen of some kind in which healthy food solutions can be integrated. Instead of stocking the shelves with foods that are heavy in salts and fats like microwave popcorn doused in butter or packages of cookies, companies can integrate healthy foods that encourage mental clarity, focus, and productivity. This is important because the body’s natural temperature drops around 3pm, and drops after a large meal such as lunch, during which time employees may have eaten quite a bit and now have all of the blood rushing from their brain to their stomach. In either situation, productivity and focus may drop. But that sugar spike or afternoon lull can be countered with delicious treats that also act as a “pick me up”.

Portion Sizes

Having food items doled out into traditional snack sizes and portions can help employees avoid over-indulging in snacks and allowing themselves to fell into the pit of mindlessly eating during the day. By keeping things controlled in terms of portions, or charging small amounts for the snacks that are taken based on size and/or quantity, companies can help to alleviate mindless snacking and instead offer employees a healthier alternative.

What’s Important

You want to stock items that have protein, antioxidants, and vitamin E to keep energy levels high. Some of the best food ideas include nuts and seeds. Dried sunflower seeds or roasted almonds will help boost clarity and focus. Dried fruit can give employees fiber and antioxidants. Dark chocolate will satisfy a sweet tooth and give employees a boost of antioxidants. All of these items are brain friendly and healthy food solutions for the office.

Once you decide on the contents you want to fill your office fridge, you can look into ways to keep items packaged for size. Some items can be purchased in small snack serving sizes such as bags of apples with yogurt or caramel dip, baby carrots and hummus, crackers and cheese, or pretzels. These items can be stocked in their pre-packaged snack serving sizes. Of course, there is a higher cost for pre-packaged items like this. Offices can start an honor system or coin operated system of paying for these items. For example, employees might pay for the more expensively packaged food items to help offset the burden the company endures. Every company would like to be able to provide free snacks and alternative food solutions, and some companies are more financially able to than others. For those that cannot afford to cover the entire snack fund from company budget, asking for donations can help. In fact, the donations can be taken to cover snack fund costs, with any extra put toward company parties or special treats on Fridays or birthdays. By keeping the kitchen stocked with appetizing and healthy food, your company can ensure that employees are satiated and productive with good food solutions in the office.

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