Dominating Job Growth: Dallas and Houston Top Cities

According to Forbes’ Best Cities for New Jobs, Texas is half of the list by ranking five of the ten spots and dominating job growth in the United States.

With Dallas taking the number one spot with more than two percent less unemployment rate than the national percentage of eight percent. Dallas added thousands of jobs in 2012 and is expected to not stop increasing jobs for the next five years at least. Dallas has been booming in the financial service industry, along with energy companies and healthcare jobs rising. With American Airlines bankruptcy at the end of 2011, this is a feat in itself that Dallas has not missed a beat and increased jobs for their citizens.

This isn’t the only city in the limelight for the best cities for new jobs, with Houston ranking number two. With just .1 percent higher unemployment rate than Dallas, Houston is under the national average of unemployment rate by two percent as well. The city is expected to keep creating new jobs with an annual job-growth of 2.6 percent in the next five years. These jobs are being produced by new drilling contracts in the city and the energy industry at an all time high.

“The nation’s energy capital is booming as the shale revolution spreads to oil, raising demand for drilling contractors, supplies and related financial services,” Forbes wrote of Houston.

As for the other Texas Cities dominating job growth, Austin came in third, Fort Worth was fourth on the list and San Antonio came in at the number six spot.

Texas did not suffer as much in the financial crisis as other states, and it shows by the dominating job growth in these five major metropolitan areas of our great state.

Other cities that were listed in the top ten not in Texas were Seattle, Washington at number five, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma coming in at number seven, Denver, Colorado with number eight on the list, San Francisco, California listing at number nine and Salt Lake City, Utah ranking tenth.

For more on the Forbes’ research on these dominating job cities see their website here.

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