Hartman Income REIT Renovates Three Forest Plaza Chapel


December 27, 2018 (Dallas, TX) – Hartman Income REIT renovates one of its premier Dallas building’s amenities. Three Forest Plaza’s chapel has been renovated.


The space that is now occupied by the new chapel was originally a suite that was difficult to lease due to the small square footage. Because of the great team effort and an epiphany, a chapel was created.


Gwen Pham, Construction Asset Management Analyst, attended a meeting with our CEO, Al Hartman where she had the idea to change a current suite into a chapel as it was being discussed in the meeting. “The layout of this suite was set up perfectly for a chapel: long, narrow, and two big windows at the end,” said Pham.


Pham began to work closely with Luisa Banos, a former Hartman employee; Jacob Magdeleno, Construction Assistant; Warren LeGrow, Property Manager; Nate Welty, former Hartman employee; and Mike Alamanza, Building Engineer to create plan and budget that has turned into the beautiful space we have now.


The staged furniture for the previous “make-ready” suite was removed from the room and replaced with new furniture, decorations and lights. There was a hiccup with the electricity and replacing the ceiling tiles. However, one of our vendors, United Fire, quickly aided us in fixing those issues.


The completion of the new chapel at Three Forest Plaza “was all made possible through collaborative effort while saving money – even the chairs were free!” said Pham.


“The chapel is something that we have wanted to implement into our buildings for quite some time now. We want to give our tenants and employees a safe place to be with God,” said Al Hartman, CEO of Hartman Income REIT.


About Hartman: Hartman Income REIT, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a $300,000,000 Real Estate Investment Trust which owns and/or manages 30 properties and 3,500,000 square feet of office, industrial and retail space. Our properties are located in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas. For more information, visit www.hi-reit.com.




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