Hartman Reveals Grand Opening of Shared Amenities Workspace

Hartman Income REIT unveils its brand-new shared amenities workspace at one of its premier office buildings, located at 8111 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway in Dallas.

shared space
Shared Floor Kitchen Area

The brand-new shared amenities workspace, more specifically called the Shared Amenity Suites, features various sizes of conference and meeting rooms accommodated with video as well as open, collaborative work areas with video, seating, fully-stocked coffee bar with tea and snacks, and other amenities.

Modern, and somewhat chic—the Shared Amenity Suites makes tenants feel upscale yet, relaxed and clean. “I was inspired to make our buildings more accommodating to more than just business owners who have the ability to acquire a larger space, said Al Hartman, CEO, “Our new Shared Amenity Suites will be a pleasant experience for companies, as well as an incredibly smooth transition from a smaller to a larger space. I am incredibly proud of our Construction Department’s leadership with managing this over half a million-dollar project.”

conference room
Shared Conference Room

The project took about a year to plan. Mr. Hartman was inspired by an idea that he came across in a Bisnow article and assigned the project to Gwen Pham, Asset Manager, in 2018. After researching, designing, and with the help of Dan Jones, Jacob Magdaleno, Construction Manager, and Dan Jones, the concept finally began to materialize.

“Our concept is to create a collaborative work environment surrounded by private tenant suites,” said Managing Director of Construction, Dan Jones,  “Our Shared Amenity Suites are in a setting where startup co-working groups can “graduate” to private office suites, but maintain the amenities in which they have become accustomed, such as state-of-the-art conference rooms and coffee bars.”

The idea is a small start-up companies begin to grow and be in-demand for a larger space. We want this space to be where these startup company go to when they begin to grow. Yet, we want to keep the culture that they’ve accustomed to – the co-working/shared amenity/open concept environment type culture where they could continue to collaborate. Jacob Magdaleno and Gwen Pham worked with Interprise Design to create with finishes for the entire floor.

October 10th, during our Grand Opening, we toured 50 brokers on our newly renovated and many were excited with what they saw. We’ve already secured leases and looking forward to more. If you are interested in leasing information for this space, please call 972-788-4988.

About Hartman: Hartman is one of Dallas and Houston’s premier property management companies. We provide below market rates with above market amenities and service. Hartman has owned and operated commercial office properties since 1983, offering premium office space at an affordable price by saving businesses a significant amount of money by keeping taxes, utilities, and maintenance low. With over 30 years in commercial leasing in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, we have learned exactly what our customers require. For more information, visit www.hi-reit.com.

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