Hartman Wins the 2022 Top Platinum Broker Award from Crexi

Crexi, a digital commercial real estate marketplace, data, and technology platform, announced Hartman Income REIT as a Platinum Broker Award winner, placing the firm in the top one percent of brokers using the Crexi platform.

Crexi Platinum Award Hartman Income REIT

To be recognized as a Top Platinum Broker by Crexi, a broker or commercial real estate firm must land itself in the highest tier of platform usage by buyers and brokers/agents alike. Among  Crexi subscribers in several Texas regions, Hartman received the highest engagement, property search score, and number of deals closed. In addition, Hartman earned the 2022 Award for its healthy number of leads generated per listing and total number of listings on the platform.

“Commercial real estate has experienced a significant digital transformation since the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Al Hartman, President, and CEO. “Implementing Crexi into our lead generating activities has proven to be a success. We are proud to be partnered with Crexi.”

To learn more about leasing commercial real estate in Houston, San Antonio, or DFW (Dallas Fort Worth), please contact a Hartman leasing agent.

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