Tips For a Great Grand Opening


Whether you have been dreaming about this day for weeks, months, or even years, opening your own business is very exciting. It can also be scary. Many businesses dream about big grand openings. You may not think that you should have a grand opening but why not? Don’t you want to jump start your business?

Here are some ways to have a great grand opening!

  • Plan, plan, plan. A great grand opening does not just happen. You can’t throw one together in a week. If you want to start your business off right, give yourself plenty of time to plan it.
  • Define your ideal client and make the day about them! Your grand opening needs to be all about your ideal client. Plan it when they are available and not working. Serve food and refreshments that they like the most. Choose games and activities that they would enjoy.
  • Don’t forget to advertise your event so people know about it. If your business is already open, you can tell your customers. You should also write a press release, tell everyone on social media, and even take out a newspaper (or even a television) ad.
  • Try to allow room in your budget for a goodie bag. Fill it with information with your business and some fun gifts related to your business (if money allows you too).

A great grand opening is one way to start your business off right. However, you really need time to plan it. Don’t just think you are going to pull it together in a few days. You need to define your ideal client and plan the whole day around them. What do they like to eat and drink? What activities do they like to do? Can you give away prizes that they would really enjoy? What time of day would work best for them? Don’t forget advertising. Without advertising, you won’t have much of an event. Hopefully, you can leave room in your budget for some goodie bags filled with business information (and fun gifts)!

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