Commercial Building Security Mistakes that Can Leave Your Property Vulnerable

SecurityCameraWhen it comes to checking out the security of prospective commercial locations, you may think a few security guards and a closed-circuit TV system means you’d be good to go. You’d be better off thinking again. A number of security mistakes can leave your company at risk in a building that’s making those errors.

Posting any guard, anywhere

Different commercial tenants have different security needs, with some having a high volume of traffic, are controversial in nature, or have more than a few disgruntled employees. Security companies should first perform an advanced analysis of tenant and building needs to ensure guards they post in specific areas know how to handle specific situations that may arise.

Putting aesthetics above safety

Obvious security cameras may be unsightly, but they also serve as a deterrent. Hidden cameras just don’t have the same impact. Outdoor shrubbery and plants on walkways may look gorgeous, but they also give would-be thieves a gorgeous place to hide.

Neglecting certain entrances

Emergency exits are vital for emergencies, but they’re also a good place for someone to sneak in. Emergency exits should be equipped with alarms, and employees should be trained to ask for badges or ID from anyone trying to enter a secure building from entrances not manned by guards.

Letting management ignore the rules

When employees are required to wear ID or badges, management needs to be doing the same. Too many programs let management slide by the rules, deeming the entire program worthless. Either everyone complies with badges or no one complies. Allowing certain employees to ignore the rules undermines the entire program.

Failing to secure key areas inside the building

Server rooms are a prime example of areas where people can often waltz in and out as they please. Mail rooms are another one. Important rooms require access control systems that include ID or badges, as well as cameras that track anyone entering or exiting at any given time.

Security is not a one-size-fits-all operation, and your company needs to decide how much is adequate for your firm – then ensure the building you choose is equipped or can be equipped to handle it.

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