Hartman REIT Sets New Bar for Tenant Satisfaction in 2022 NPS Survey

Hartman REIT net promoter scoreHartman Income REIT Management, Inc. (Hartman), a commercial real estate owner and operator, headquartered in Houston, Texas, announces its achievement of a 69.3 on its latest Net Promoter Score® (NPS) survey, once again placing the firm in the top tier of all commercial real estate firms worldwide.

NPS is a market research tool used to measure the loyalty and satisfaction of a company’s customers. Hartman tenants, twice a year, are prompted to complete a voluntary survey that asks respondents to rate their likelihood of recommending the company.

In January, the firm conducted its semiannual survey and received a record high score of 69.3. This score culminated in perfect tenant ratings from 25 percent of Hartman’s 60 properties and an increase of 10 points over the firm’s last survey. Other highlights include 79 percent of tenants identifying as promoters of the company, stating that they are highly pleased with the service received, timely fulfilling of maintenance requests at the properties, and the management team’s courteousness when asked for help.

Scheduling regular NPS surveys with its tenants is incredibly important to the firm as it helps Hartman’s property management team stay on top of areas of improvement.  Tenants have expressed appreciation for the firm’s transparency, stating that many of the firm’s industry peers opt to keep their scores private or not to survey tenants at all.

“Our desire to provide excellent customer service and be faithful stewards to our tenants is something we are continuously working on. And our NPS score having improved ten points in six months truly shows our commitment. I am so proud of our team.” shared Al Hartman, President, and CEO.

If you are looking to lease office, retail, or industrial space in Houston, Dallas or San Antonio, please contact a Hartman leasing agent for more information.

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